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People Strategy Expert and Workplace Innovator, Culture and Leadership Consultant and Former Senior HR Executive at Google

Anne Caron brings a fresh perspective on organisation design, culture and management. With her singular views on what the future of work brings us, she challenges the norms, invites us to rethink what we see as best practices and brings us on a journey to reinvent the way we work.  

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Flexibility and Innovation: What Can We Learn From Startups?

Innovation may sound like a buzzword but the reality is that more than ever the future success of our businesses is dependent on our ability to adapt and innovate. And the recent global pandemic has accelerated this need for building greater flexibility and innovation in our organisations. Startups are by nature highly flexible and innovative, and reinvent the way we work. Drawing on her 10 years experience at Google and her work in the startup ecosystem, Anne will share key learnings corporates can take from leading innovative startups to increase velocity and creativity in their organisation.

Reinventing Performance Management

The way we measure performance is broken. Yet our organisations still heavily rely on the good old performance review systems to motivate and reward employees. But have you ever seen a poor performer transformed into a high performer thanks to a 360 performance review? In an eye opening talk, Anne helps you debunk old myths around performance and engagement. Through concrete examples, she invites you to rethink the way we design our performance management framework and shares practical tips on how to boost motivation and performance in your organisation ! 

Rethinking our Organization Design

The way we design and manage organisations is increasingly out of date. The 2020 pandemic crisis has revealed the immediate need for workplaces to be more empathic and flexible. A new realisation is happening and leaders have more than ever to build purpose-driven and authentic organisations. A handful of pioneers have cracked the code, but the world of work now craves better working conditions, more work-life balance and a higher calling. Anne will share inspiring examples, challenge old practices and uncover simple ways to improve employee satisfaction.

The Future of Work

The future has never been so close. Changes we thought would take decades to come true are now at our doorstep and organisations have to adapt even faster than ever before. Failing to prepare for what the future brings will necessarily put businesses at risk of losing their competitiveness. During her talk, Anne will share inspiring stories, leading your team to think beyond what we can see possible. Let’s reimagine the future together and proactively bring in positive change in the way your team works.  

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