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The People Strategy Playbook For Founders

4-week cohort course

Build a positive and performing organisation that scales for your startup


Companies are made of people, and people will make or break your startup. While things seem to work fine at first, rapid scaling is one of the hardest phases of growth for employees and founders.


This course will help you build the right foundations to be ready for hyper-growth.

Who is this course for

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Note: This course is for CEOs only. If you are looking for help building your HR foundations, check out this course.

People Strategy training workshop for startup founders

In this course you will...

💡 Understand what it takes to be a trusted and inspiring leader

I will share best practices developed with my startups on how to transition from a jack-of-all-trades founder to a people leader. With this framework you will identify how your role & responsibilities should evolve as the company grows in order to keep teams motivated.

🔥 Identify your organisational priorities based on your stage of growth

You will learn about the "5 stages of growth of a startups" model I developed, with the typical organisational challenges and where your focus should be at each stage. At the end of the course, you will have a detailed organisation roadmap with what to build and when.

🌟 Learn how to build a positive company culture that scales

It's no secret that company culture is important. But what is culture? I will clarify what the key elements of a good company culture are. We will go through some case studies together and you will get proven tools to develop a positive and scalable culture in your startup.

💪 Figure out how and when to build your HR capabilities

Building an organisation takes time and building it right even more time. In this course, you'll learn how to define your manpower needs. You will identify when to hire your first HR resources and what profiles to look for. And I will share hiring best practices you can use now!

🚀 Understand what the key drivers of performance are in your organisation

In this course I will help you think beyond the traditional performance management systems. I will share effective strategies that are adapted to startups and can be easily implemented. And most importantly, I will help you identify and avoid processes that hinder performance.

What people are saying...

This course is perfect to give the founder actionable frameworks to implement people strategies immediately into their companies.

Dany Leong

Founder and Managing Director at Intuitive Films

Next Cohort: Oct 2023

  • Orientation

    Live session - 1 hour

    Fri 13th, Oct 2023: 4:00pm-5.00pm SGT

  • Workshop #1: Identify your organisational priorities

    Live session - 1.5 hours

    Mon 16th, Oct 2023: 4:00pm-5.30pm SGT

  • Workshop #2: Build a positive company culture that scales

    Live session - 1.5 hours

    Wed 18th, Oct 2023: 4:00pm-5.30pm SGT

  • [Optional] Ask me anything

    Live session - 45 mins

    Thu 19th, Oct 2023: 4:00pm-4.45pm SGT

  • Workshop #3: Build your capabilities and processes on time

    Live session - 1.5 hours

    Mon 23rd, Oct 2023: 4:00pm-5.30pm SGT

  • [Optional] Ask me anything

    Live session - 45 mins

    Thu 26th, Oct 2023: 4:00-4:45pm SGT

  • Workshop #4: Effectively drive performance in your startup

    Live session - 1.5 hours

    Mon 30th, Oct 2023: 4:00pm-5.30pm SGT

  • Graduation

    Live session - 1 hour

    Thu 2nd, Nov 2023: 4:00pm-5.00pm SGT

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