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It can be quite overwhelming for employees to keep up with everything that is happening in your company, especially in fast-moving environment such as startups! And this is why companies created Employee Handbooks…. But the reality is that:


  • Employees only read the employee Handbook when they join the company (when they actually do read it!)

  • Employees do not remember anything that is in your Employee Handbook as there is so much information shared to them in their first week

  • Employees do not go back to their Employee Handbook when they have a question… At best they go to their manager or HR, but in most cases they just drop it.

And this is the same for trainings, presentations, announcements, etc.


So how to make sure your employees know what they need to know to do their job well?


We design a customised intranet for your employees to find any information they need about working in your company…

Get a practical and user friendly company intranet site to help all your employees find any necessarity information about how to best work in your company in just one click!

Our intranet is...

  • CUSTOMISED content and format to your unique culture and values  

  • DYNAMIC content so employee can connect the dots 

  • SEARCHABLE information so everything is just one click away  

  • USER-FRIENDLY interface because your employee experience matters 

  • EASY TO EDIT so your content is always up to date and growing

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