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We all know the adage "PEOPLE LEAVE MANAGERS, NOT COMPANIES”. No matter how much benefits and engagement initiatives your company provides to employees, if their manager sucks they will be demotivated, they will perform poorly and ultimately they will leave the company. 

Performance happens at the team level (where the real work gets done!). And the only people able to drive that performance are managers (not HR, and not leadership). 

The responsibility of HR and founders is to ensure we have capable managers at the head of every team and to give them the right information, the right tools and the right authority to do their role as managers well.

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The challenge for growing startups is that High growth creates many new management roles, most filled by first-time managers and learning on the job produces inconsistent results. Our training modules: 

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"Anne takes the time to understand each of the leaders' style and challenges, and customises the session for the current team's needs. It was particularly necessary for all our leaders to align on what our role as managers was and what good actually looks. Thanks for the engaging sessions and for upgrading all the leaders in Grain to understand the foundation of leadership – this was especially impactful as we had just welcomed 3 new senior leaders. We are thankful Anne helped us all align on what "good leadership" looked like and provided very practical tools on how to apply the new learnings."

Ena Lee
Chief Operating Officer at Grain
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"A comprehensive series of practical training for managers, definitely worth it if you are looking to upskill your managers!"

Yen Chen Yeo

"The Manager training was well structured and covered the essentials for first time and seasoned managers alike. The practical tips and real-life examples shared by Anne from her personal experience and experience working with other start up clients was very useful!"

Audrey Low
HR Manager at iSTOX
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Zoey Phua
HR Manager at Supernova Brands

"As a growing company, many of our young leaders were first-time managers. Anne conducted manager training across our global offices and laid the foundation of what is expected of a manager. She provided useful tips on how to conduct conversations with team members, clarified misconceptions about being a manager and helped managers navigate difficult conversations that they may face. The overall response from these training sessions was very positive." 

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