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HR is often looked at and built as an operational and administrative function. This is all fine as long as your team is still quite small and that all you need is someone to write contracts, administrate leaves, hire few people and manage payroll.

The challenge comes when you need to build some structure around compensation, performance management, culture, etc. Running operations and building operation systems require two very distinctive skillset.


Unfortunately, finding such profiles in HR can be challenging and you may not have the budget or the job scope to hire them. 


This programme aims at developing your current HR leader into a strategy business partner and to provide support in the definition of the People Strategy and in the design of the HR infrastructure. 


  • Build the People Strategy and People Plan to support the growth of the business

  • Develop the necessary capabilities into the HR team so the organisation does not lag behind the business needs

  • Understand what are the expectations and the key responsibilities to lead and develop the HR function effectively

  • Identify skill gaps for the HR leader and build a growth plan in consequence

  • Define the key elements of the People Strategy (Culture, Planning, Operations, Performance, Development, Engagement)

  • Discuss the options of structured systems for HR Ops, Compensation, Recruiting, Performance Management, Engagement, Employee Development, etc.

  • Design, develop and implement the right HR, organisation and management processes and frameworks for the organisation on time

  • Provide sound advice on the HR team structure

  • Support with adhoc employee issues


This support is typically delivered through WEEKLY SESSIONS of 1 HOUR


During these sessions, we typically discuss about..

  • What People Strategy & The role of an HR leader are

  • The Current vs. future Org Structure and Manpower Planning

  • The Company culture

  • HR tools, vendors and systems

  • Recruiting strategy and processes

  • Employer branding 

  • Compensation and benefits framework

  • Performance management framework

  • Employee engagement and employee development

  • Adhoc people situations such as performance issues, employee disengagement, employee relations, etc

"Being the first and single HR person in a fast-moving and always changing startup is challenging. Anne's holistic and structured approach helped me get on top of things and tackle key elements of our people strategy such as Compensation, Performance Management, Employer Brand, Company Culture, etc. Her knowledge and easy to implement tools enabled me to enhance my HR and business partner capabilities. I also gained a priceless outside perspective to HR related challenges." 

Birte Heitmann
HR Manager at iSTOX
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"Anne was an incredible mentor to me as she provided guidance and direction while still allowing space for my own exploration within HR. Anne is objective yet empathetic, which is an extremely valuable combination that is hard to find. A lot of what I practice now within HR on a global scale is built upon what I've learnt from my interactions with Anne so I'm extremely grateful for that opportunity."

Zoey Phua
HR Manager at Supernova Brands

"There was a visible improvement in the mindset of our HR executives during and after their mentoring engagement with Anne. Now my HR team has a business owner mindset!

Danny Toe
Founder and CEO at iSTOX
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"Practical knowledge and advice backed by extensive experience, I benefited much from the mentoring sessions I’ve had with Anne."

Yen Chen Yeo

"What I loved most about Anne’s mentoring sessions was her positive energy and bright smile! She created and provided a safe environment through active listening, patiently probing, and perceptively scoping and framing problems and issues. Anne has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she generously shared, and it went a long way in helping the team clarify the role of HR, and professionalize the HR function."

Audrey Low
HR Manager at iSTOX
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“Never a dull moment” that’s how I view Anne’s mentorship program. I am always excited to meet her every Wednesday as I know there is something new I will learn! Anne does not teach you what to do, she brings out what's in you and guides you. She challenges you, helps you get out of your comfort zone and enhances your ability to drive results. And all this in a very safe and comfortable environment as she develops a strong personal and trustful connection with you from the start. Thank you, Anne!"

May Flores
HR Business Partner at Accrets International
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