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[Early Bird] The HR Playbook For Startups & SMEs (Cohort Course)

[Early Bird] The HR Playbook For Startups & SMEs (Cohort Course)

Join this hands-on cohort course to set up the foundational HR practices that effectively drive performance and engagement, in just a month!


In this course you will...


🗺️ Gain clarity on what really matters and where your focus should be

Offering free food and organising movie nights are nice, but this is not what makes a "great company to work for". In this course, you will learn to prioritise impact over nice-to-have and build an effective roadmap to implement change where most needed.


⚒️ Learn how to create lean and efficient processes, that are adapted to YOU!

To work well, HR processes must be designed to serve your organisation, your needs, your culture. After debunking a few myths around org design, you will discover HR models better suited to startups and SMEs, and learn how to design the right frameworks for YOUR teams.


💡 Get actionable tips and ready-to-use templates

You will have access to proven frameworks and a variety of templates allowing you to take action right after each module and accelerate the development of your organisational foundations.


💪 Go from admin support to strategic partner in less than 30 days

In this course, you will learn how to drive change, how to communicate efficiently and how to facilitate key People Strategy discussions with management to address organisational needs in a timely and adapted manner.



You have access to the course materials FOREVER!

This includes all live sessions videos, as well as all the templates and materials provided in the sessions.

    S$1,200.00 Regular Price
    S$900.00Sale Price
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