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26-50 Copies | From Zero to 1,000

26-50 Copies | From Zero to 1,000

The way we design and manage organisations is increasingly out of date. The recent pandemic crisis stressed out the need for empathic and flexible organisations even more acutely. A new shift in consciousness is happening and founders need more than ever to build purpose-driven and authentic organisations. A handful of pioneers have cracked the code but the world is now craving for better working conditions, higher calling and better work life balance.

Companies are made of people and people can make or break companies!

In this groundbreaking book, the author shows that investing time in designing the right organisation and management framework is not an option anymore for businesses to thrive. She shares a very practical approach to building organisations which are people-driven and performing.

Leaders, founders, coaches and consultants will find this book a useful blueprint full of insights, examples and inspiring stories.

"From Zero to 1,000 is a practical and insightful handbook for founders and leaders, drawing on Anne's superb experience helping build some of the most innovative companies in the world." Laszlo Bock, Former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, Founder of Humu.

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