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This long term service (approx. 6 months) provides the right level of engagement to build the foundations for growth and high-performance. We work closely with the founders to define the high level strategy, build the People Team to deliver on growth projections and finally equip and grow managers to drive performance in their teams and  engagement employees.

People Strategy helps you plan and build these capabilities timely and systematically:

[ACC Brochure] People Strategy Engagemen


[ACC Brochure] People Strategy Engagemen
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"During her engagement with us, Anne was trusted across all levels of management and she quickly became a "go-to" person in Supernova within weeks. To me personally, she acted more in the role of Chief of staff and close confidant & advisor. During the time we worked together, she implemented many HR policies and initiatives, to many to count. But the most impactful was the compensation and performance management structure and framework that allowed us to more effectively rank, manage & promote staff... and we are thankful to her for that today. "

Alex Ostrowski and Emily Hamilton, Co-Founders at Supernova Brands  
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