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Once the foundations are built and there is clarity in terms of what is needed, then comes to time to build the engine that will support the transition and deliver at scale. The organisation is the enabler.


  • Hiring Capability: Building an engine that will be able to hire the right people in the right roles at the right, ensure positive candidate and attractive employer brand


  • Management Capability: Building strong managers who will drive the implementation of the business plan and ensure high performance, high level of employee engagement and people development.


  • Organisational Design: Redesign of the new structure with clear scope of responsibilities, delegation and authority.


  • Leadership team: Creation of a solid C-level team able to provide clear direction and champion the company culture

  • People Strategy and HR team: Upgrade of the HR function to grow into a more strategic leadership role

How we can support you: Founder Advisory, People Strategy Fullstack, HR Mentoring, Manager Training.

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