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  • The Entrepreneur Journey. As a founder, you will have to take on multiple roles throughout your journey, and most of them, you have never done before. Your challenge is to grow fast enough, identify your blind spots. Surround yourself with a strong group of advisors. Not just business, finance, product…  but also people who have done it before, who know what the journey ahead looks like, who know how an organisation works at scale, and possibly … clearly articulate what you what to build, what type of leader you want to be. Possibly use an executive coach to help you be your better self.


  • Company Culture: From Implicit to Explicit. Every company has an implicit culture, but few invest enough time to distill their culture into concrete words and to make it explicit. Why is culture important? Because it helps in attracting and retaining talents. That’s how a young startup can compete with bigger companies to get the smartest minds on board and prevent other companies from poaching them. Someone’s always going to be able to copy your business model, your technology, and pay more, but they can’t recreate your culture. So it’s important to create a unique environment that people love and want to be a part of.


  • HR Foundations: Setting up good hygiene from day one is essential. When it’s time to for hyper growth, all the people and organisation challenges will come at once (hiring a lot of people fast, onboarding new joiners, managing high volume of employee queries and issues, etc.). Without some solid HR operations foundation, the leadership and HR team will rapidly be swamped with fire fighting, the candidate and employee experience will suffer… and no time will be left to really thing about how to build your people strategy and design your new organisation.

How we can support you: Founder Advisory, Defining your Company Culture, People Strategy Fullstack, Interview Training, HR Mentoring.

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