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There is a common belief that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need a great idea. But at the heart of every success, you will find people


Without a strong people strategy, it is not possible for founders to move from an idea (no matter how exceptional and revolutionalising it is to a unicorn. Most founders think that people strategy is only something you have to worry about once you reach a critical size of employees. That’s not true!


Scaling comes with an utterly unique set of problems. Some of them are funny — like needing to replace everyone’s big desk with smaller ones so all the new folks can fit, or moving into an office that's already too small for your growing team. But some of them are far more serious.


Rapid scaling is one of the toughest phases of growth for founders and employees. Knowing what is coming ahead will help you anticipate the biggest challenges before they really hurt your momentum and your chances for long-term success, and prepare accordingly to survive them.


As a founder, there is a lot that you have to do that you have never done before. You will have to figure out most of it as you go. Building the right organisation at the right time without over-engineering it is a real challenge. We accompany you throughout this journey to ensure you have what you need when you need it to execute your business strategy according to plan!


This support is delivered through MONTHLY SESSIONS of typically 2 HOURS


During these sessions, we..

  • Discuss priorities and challenges for the business, both medium and short term;

  • Ensure that key decisions around people are taken and communicated in ways that are consistent with the culture and the organisation you are aiming to build, including advice on the composition of the team and help in hiring decisions, 

  • Strengthen your skills as leaders through a combination of practical recommendations, as well as some guidelines or readings as and when relevant.

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"Anne is an energetic, enthusiastic and pragmatic individual! Her advice was instrumental in ensuring our people, leadership and communication strategy was clearly defined and well-articulated. In an uncertain, ambiguous, and high-growth environment the experience She brought to the table was critical to the success of our business."

Rimal Gokani,
CEO at Assembly Payment 

"Anne has been a great advisor to help sort out all our thoughts, beliefs and research about the type of company we want to build. She helped us to navigate through the different policies and processes we want to build and bring us through the behavior they will drive within the company. It has helped to avoid mistakes that would have been difficult to reverse and provided a lot of clarity and confidence in making the important decisions for the company. I couldn't ask for a better partner in this journey, thank you!"

Raena Lim
Co-Founder and COO at StyleTheory
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"Anne gives relevant advice without pushing it, which in my opinion is the right approach... otherwise I would be resistant to it LOL. Anne understands founders, she knows what their personality can be like and adapts her sessions accordingly to ensure the message is heard." 

Danny Toe
Founder and CEO at iSTOX

"We gained lots of insights from Anne during our sessions, and most specifically on the secrets to managing and motivating blue-collar workers. We've been struggling on this for years. Anne provided valuable advice and even brought in her husband who has managed blue-collars for over 20 years to share some real-life examples of how he turned around an under-performing team into a high-performing team."

Ena Lee
Chief Operating Officer at Grain
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