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Our mission is to re-thinking HR and help founders build top-notch People strategies which are adapted to the new job market and accessible to even the smallest companies.

Anne Caron Consulting is The People Strategy partner for all startups and SMEs willing to develop scalable people organisation and looking for alternative and innovative solutions adapted to today’s world.

We believe that the current HR models are broken. Processes do not have to be daunting, tedious, or complicated and people management strategy should be accessible to everyone. People are the most valuable assets of your company, and therefore it is of great importance that companies have it right from day one. After meeting with a number of startups, we realised that startups are faced with various constraints - resources, attracting talents, retaining talents, and managing people. As such, we are dedicated to helping startups and SMEs integrate a seamless people management process into their organisational culture to attract, retain, and develop the best talents for your workplace.



The 5 Pillars of People Strategy


From our research and experience, we discovered that the existing HR models fail to attract, engage and develop efficiently talents. Most of them were designed more than a century ago at the time of high manufacturing industry growth. The environment has drastically changed, and so have the HR needs! HR cannot be just a set of policies anymore, it needs to be integrated into a larger strategy: The company People Strategy. Besides, the development of startups and SMEs which are characterised by their small size, high growth potential and fast-paced environment, emphasises the need for even more specific, adaptable and scalable approaches. Taking these into consideration, we have devised a simple yet comprehensive approach of tackling people management problems - The 5 Pillars of People Strategy - that is easily integrates these characteristics.

“After 10 years at Google I was looking for my next challenge and something meaningful and impactful for the community.

As a passionate optimiser (I truly believe you can always do more with less!) and creative “builder”, I committed myself to help founders build top-notch People strategies adapted to the new work environment and make HR accessible even to the smallest companies.”

Anne Caron, Founder



About Anne Caron


Anne started her professional Human Resources (HR) career at Douge International, a European executive search firm specialising in headhunting for upper management level. She was approached by Google in 2006 to set up their in-house headhunting function in Europe. In her 10 years at Google, she built several Talent Acquisition teams across EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) as well as designed HR processes that maximise both efficiency and productivity at scale. Her teams reached best productivity worldwide at multiple occasions (in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015). Over the course of her career, Anne has developed an expertise in HR, specifically people management in a diverse workplace environment. Find out more about Anne’s experience on her LinkedIn profile.

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